Welcome to Wicked!

WICKED is a raiding guild on the Illidan server, Horde faction. We are focused on all end-game content Blizzard makes available to us. Our approach is to recruit positive people with a community spirit, then if they are interested in raiding utilize logs and trial raids to determine if they are a good fit for the team. Non-raiders are also very welcome.

We currently have 1 progression raid team. that is a semi-hardcore Normal/Heroic progression raid team that meets on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings from 9:45 - 12:00 Eastern. We also have a Mythic +dungeon event that runs on Mondays at 9:00 eastern and a Transmog achievement event that runs on Friday night at 9:00 eastern. 

Our guild was formed in September of 2008 as a progression raiding guild that wanted to maintain the atmosphere of a social family guild. We moved our core raiding team to Illidan in July of 2017 in hopes of increasing our raiding player pool. Our loot rules always involve straight personal loot rolls that are modified by raid-wide loot council style discussion and voluntary passing to others on the team who would benefit more from a particular piece.

Sound Good?  Yeah it does.

Due to our democratic structure, we ask that you fill out a short questionaire: Please click the "Join the Guild" link to the left.

Want to Know More?

To learn more about how to earn a raiding position, please complete the questionaire or send an in-game message to Ironazz#1686, Thralagorm#1742, Covadax#1166  or our Guild Master Nezkel#1822 to learn about our various raid options and how to achieve them.  We also offer a social rank for those interested in PVP, questing, leveling, achievements, and pet battles.

Who we need:

Anyone who is kind, courteous, friendly, helpful, and respectful of others in an online community. Our raid teams are looking for players interested in continuing with current progression and transitioning to Legion. Our current immediate needs are for a tank, back up healers  and a few DPS. for the weekday team. Players are always welcome to raid with the Saturday alt team as long as your item level and gear are equivalent to the current progression of the team.

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