By Armor Type

Mage  Hassle0.00
Warlock  Lawrenza0.00
Mage  Koristrazsa0.00
Warlock  Kilquan0.00
Mage  Accz0.00
Priest  Tattersayle0.00
Priest  Tewksbury0.00
Warlock  Calvish0.00
Priest  Holyshiznet0.00
Warlock  Pathojen0.00
Warlock  Norcalffs0.00
Warlock  Kalstenrat0.00
Priest  Cortisone0.00
Warlock  Mugiwara0.00
Mage  Boomdeboom0.00
Priest  Tyrastia0.00
Priest  Cholera0.00
Mage  Nezkel0.00
Warlock  Anyan0.00
Mage  Helleseous0.00
Rogue  Twopiece0.00
Rogue  Olphus0.00
Druid  Terlou0.00
Rogue  Covarax0.00
Druid  Buttercoffee0.00
Druid  Kåchinå0.00
Druid  Nomoreheals0.00
Rogue  Ihrin0.00
Druid  Drayah0.00
Rogue  Danvers0.00
Rogue  Stunnedu0.00
Shaman  Sensed0.00
Hunter  Hellesious0.00
Hunter  Fâllon0.00
Shaman  Ragingwind0.00
Shaman  Thunderbob0.00
Hunter  Marvelgïrl0.00
Hunter  Corpsehunter0.00
Hunter  Davalis0.00
Shaman  Covasax0.00
Hunter  Bowdidly0.00
Hunter  Mistßorn0.00
Shaman  Worcestor0.00
Hunter  Anthrex0.00
Hunter  Baloô0.00
Shaman  Metot0.00
Hunter  Moghedian0.00
Shaman  Argulara0.00
Hunter  Sicbubblegum0.00
Hunter  Zarivia0.00
Shaman  Carpetshark0.00
Shaman  Thralagorm0.00
Death Knight  Necrotia0.00
Death Knight  Senlash0.00
Death Knight  Helldukie0.00
Paladin  Denara0.00
Warrior  Kalstendog0.00
Paladin  Caeadiel0.00
Warrior  Foxmaster0.00
Warrior  Covawax0.00
Death Knight  Wenrii0.00
Death Knight  Covaknax0.00
Death Knight  Zormack0.00
Paladin  Covapax0.00
Death Knight  Dkblinker0.00
Death Knight  Colleignus0.00
Paladin  Habershal0.00
Paladin  Sephìroth0.00
Warrior  Kobold0.00
Paladin  Samnik0.00
Paladin  Ret0.00
Warrior  Whatchuwant0.00
Paladin  Lioraßright0.00
Paladin  Rawrimabunny0.00
Warrior  Juroot0.00
Paladin  Merrimak0.00
Where are my guild's characters?

By default any character on the Character List in the Admin area that is marked as Raid Eligible will show here. However, if you have enabled the feature to require the characater to be on the raid roster then the character must be on the raid roster for this pool to show on this page.

Exclusions May Be In Effect

Characters not meeting minimums of Effort/Earned and Gear/Spent and Priority/Total have been excluded from this list. These characters will show in the All Members list, but will not show here because the minimums are not met.
No FB Yes FB Hand (smaller) Lap 40.063em Desk 64.063em Wall 90.063em